About Negar

Negar Tavassoli is a licensed real estate agent and a licensed property manager, specializing in real estate in Vancouver and the surrounding area. Having been a real estate investor for most of her life, Negar has a thorough understanding of the Vancouver market and how to best deal with its volatility. For most people real estate is their biggest asset in life and any decision, to buy or to sell, is always the most emotional one and done with great caution. Having experienced the many up and down trends of the Vancouver market, Negar is able to use her knowledge and expertise to guide her clients in making the right decision that works for them. Her honesty and transparency make her easy to work with and trust.

With her background as a holistic nutritionist, Negar understands that a healthy body and a healthy mind are keys to happiness in life. What better way to spend that life than to live in a beautiful city and a beautiful home! 

Negar has a very active lifestyle and likes playing tennis and skiing. She is fluent in both English and Farsi.